The Valley Art Workshop is a collection of what’s worked best for me around community arts programming in the San Fernando Valley.

 This includes:

Teaching college-preparatory and general-community drawing and painting education for children through adults

Weekly uninstructed life-drawing

Specialty workshops directed by artists and artisans, in a variety of visual arts disciplines

Art sale charity fundraisers

Concerts, produced by my family of professional musicians

My long-term objective is to have the VAW function as the expanded educational wing of our non-profit partner 11:11 A Creative Collective. I share their goal of a multi-media, multi-purpose brick-and-mortar arts institution that serves art creation and exhibition at every level, in northern Los Angeles County. In the meantime, I present my skill and ambition as an educator and coordinator for the creatives, community, and charitable initiatives that I care about.


-- Miles Lewis, Director